Well, I think I have Linux ADD. Not long ago, I was doing the distro hop around with Crunchbang, pure Debian, Linux Mint, and plenty of Ubuntu and associated derivatives. I eventually settled on Crunchbang, despite its few needs of tweaks for my preferences. However, more recently, I’ve felt the urge for a little more […]

Well, now that Eclipse and the required development environments have been installed, now would be a good time to launch the IDE! either type eclipse into the command line or find it under the program launcher for your distro. If this is your first time loading Eclipse, then you will be prompted to select a […]

So as I try the new Crunchbang 11 Waldorf testing (which I must admit, I find it quite AWESOME), I realized I needed to reinstall and setup once more Eclipse IDE which I use often to program in C and Java. So I figured that, for the sake of content and for updates and because […]

While high school is completed and life has for now found a nice steady balance, I have again started a strong focus on my projects. For one, anyone who has seen Salmigondis Tech, my other blog will realize that I have shifted to another domain and changed the title of the blog. This is to […]

Following up from here, next I had to bore holes into the platform. Being a little lazy and out of practice with a drill, I decided to use an aul to create nice, clean (and I’ll admit, only larger) holes. After ┬áboring some small holes for the motor brackets, on with the motors and wheels! […]

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve actually done hands on robotics experimenting and fun. So, as I’ve been less stressed regarding school the past few days, I decided to pull together a few culminating ideas over the year that I’d like to implement to a robot. No computer aid in the design, at […]

So… As a Linux user for the past few years, I’ve come to accept quite readily that it can be awkward trying to associate services offered on other platforms such as Windows or Mac, to Linux. Well, that was over the past few years. Recently it seems there’s been quite the surge in Linux compatible, […]