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Quadruped Fixed!

After 15 minutes of intense surgery (aka hotgluing). My quadruped finally has it’s leg back on. I’d say he just got a new artificial robotic leg…but he is already a robot…I wonder how that’d work… Oh, did I mention I programmed him to do something other than repetitive movements? Yup, he can now do the […]

Axon with Ubuntu

I finally added up my tutorial of using the Axon MCU with Ubuntu. You’ll find it in the Software Section of pages. As I noted in the tutorial, I do not yet know if that method will work with the new WebbotLib, but I know it will work with the original Axon source library. Don’t […]

Quadruped Updates (Repairs)

Some new bits of information based on my quadruped robot, Triple Espresso. Well, first off, I broke off one of its legs… Good thing it was just hotglued, all it needs is a little fix, and a little cleaning to remove all the older glue to create a clean joint. This is the second time […]

Pages are being added

Gradually, my pages are going up! If you want to see them, checkout the sidebar to the right of the page. These include my Loops in C tutorial, my hydraulic arm tutorial, as well as my sumobot, Short and Fiesty. Others are coming up, so stay tuned.


This is just a brief test…just trying something with the categories… But while I’m at it… I really liking this interface, I’m trying to figure out if it’s possible to sorta hide subpages (like my Hydraulic Robot Arm so that the page menu would look cleaner. If I can’t hide it though, that’s fine.

Salmigondis Tech is now officially up and running!

Huzzah! Now that that hassle is over with, I’ll be checking things out for the next few days, and getting used to this new interface. Hence, you shouldn’t expect much at the moment! Happy building! Alex

Hello world!

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