Quadruped Updates (Repairs)

Some new bits of information based on my quadruped robot, Triple Espresso.

Well, first off, I broke off one of its legs…
Good thing it was just hotglued, all it needs is a little fix, and a little cleaning to remove all the older glue to create a clean joint. This is the second time though, that a leg has come off like this…I need to look into a more permanent fix.

In terms of software, I am trying to learn how to use WebbotLib, a wonderful code library for many forms of AVR controllers. This also means I need to find a way to use it on Ubuntu, where I don’t have a proper GUI/IDE to program my code (I just tend to use a Notepad equivalent, gedit, to code. Works quite well, as it does proper highlighting, so long as you use the right file extension.)

Last bit of news, I gave my quadruped a head! I finally put that lonely servo to use. Here’s a picture:
Yay! It can see!!!!

Ya, so it can see…now I just have to tell it what to do when it sees something…

I wish I were a better programmer…


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