Transferring to WebbotLib

Seeing as my quadruped has a foreseeable future with new 3DOF legs, I figured it is time to rewrite my quadruped’s walking code. (It’s ok too…the code was pretty cruddy anyways…)

Of course, this will also mean that I will start using WebbotLib to code, as it is much more diverse, simpler, and has the same (if not more) support than the original Axon code libraries. As of this post WebbotLib is one version 1.16 and can be downloaded here. I have used Eclipse as IDE for this (C/C++ version) and it has the AVR plugin. I took me a while to set it up, and some help from the Society of Robots, but now I have it compiling properly.

Seeing as it won’t be ’til April when I might get the new legs for Triple Espresso, I have some time to get used to the new library.


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