Monthly Archives: April 2010

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS releases tomorrow!

Who else is excited? I’ve been using it since beta 2, and I’m quite impressed with it’s revamped design. I’ve showed it to some friends, and they are impressed with the speed. Can it do everything Windows does? No…but that’s like asking the same thing the opposite way. Whether Windows can do everything Linux does. […]

YouTube Account

I just got a YouTube account, so I’m going to start uploading some older videos. Also, I can see some new videos coming up in the future! Here’s the link to my channel: There’s only 1 video there now, but soon, you’ll see more!

Monthly Robotics Meeting! Got some parts!

Hey! I just came back from a robotics meeting, bringing home with me some new parts for my quadruped! Here’s some pictures: It’s awesome. All CNC milled out of Sintra (quite sturdy) and I can’t wait to test it out! Expect a video at some point. Alex