What’s New…

Since summer began, and school ended, I haven’t actually knuckled down much to continue working on robots.

Since I finally have decided to do so, well, here are some things to expect in the future!

1. Servo Centering code, to communicate through HyperTerm, or another program in order to determine the center of many of my HXT900, because I haven’t been able to program a decent gait to date (haha, a rhyme) because of this issue. When I do so, expect to see a video at some point…

2. Finally attach the legs of my quad to the body, as well as getting an ultrasonic sensor and some rechargeable battery goodness (finally!)

3. Start the developement of 2Short2Fiesty (double the previous, breaking apart awesomeness). If there’s not enough time from here until CNRG ’10 (the date has yet to be posted), then I’ll just make a line follower…no, I have no name for it yet.

Stay tuned!


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