Monthly Archives: September 2010

Quadruped Update Pictures

Here they are, as I promised! Sorry if some some look a little blurry, I’llĀ  I’ll try to get better ones up soon. Yes, I know the wiring looks a bit sketchy, I still need to work out its organization. The hole that I poorly Dremeled in the front is meant of the neck servo […]

CNRG 2010

The Canadian National Robot Games…Well, the dates have finally been declared! November 20-21 is when the yearly robotics grouping is at the Ontario Science Center in Toronto. As most of you may know, it is where many robotics enthusiasts gather to socialize, share their creations and ideas, and ultimate try to smash opponents to pulp…I’m […]

Quadruped Progress Report

Legs have been attached! Pictures up soon!