Quadruped Update Pictures

Here they are, as I promised! Sorry if some some look a little blurry, I’ll  I’ll try to get better ones up soon.

Yes, I know the wiring looks a bit sketchy, I still need to work out its organization. The hole that I poorly Dremeled in the front is meant of the neck servo which I currently do not have inserted. On it, I’ll create a Sintra mount for an ultrasonic sensor and an IR sensor, probably a GP2D12.

This is just a pic of the underside, to show how, despite the fact I wished this to be a much more professional looking robot, I still managed to use hot glue…yippee.

And a quick close shot of the leg.

Progress is going to be rather swift on this robot, as I plan on entering it in the CNRG in late November. I haven’t programmed it yet, though I’m going to be trying Webbot Lib and its Gait Designer program to do so.


One comment

  1. lookin good dude
    i like the design of the legs!

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