CNRG Day #1

Today was amazing, with plenty of robot builders of many ages competing in the sumo bot portion of the competition.

The RC sumo was fantastic. There were many entries from Ottawa, and I noticed that there were a lot of other entries from last year. Some robots generally stayed the same though some had improvements. These robots are giant brutes with high-friction tires and powerful motors (and one of them a pneumatic scoop!). This was overall very entertaining.

Novice Mini Sumo is the competition I entered last year. I may have re-entered Short n’ Feisty…but it currently lays in 5 pieces on a shelf at home. These always are fun to watch because you get to see many robots which you can buy as a kit with specialized modifications by their builders. It is also quite a pleasure to see most of the entries being younger kids with their parents, showing how much easier and more accessible robotics is nowadays to anyone.

The Master’s Mini-sumo is where the competition becomes extreme. All the robots here are custom-built. Most are designed for high-speed, high-torque. Quite literally, robots have flown out of rings. Because of the heightened aggression and custom built competitors, the excitement really gets kicked up a notch, and it’s always fun to watch. This is also the level where you begin to see some rather unique strategies and algorithms. One of them, I may talk about later…

Today was also an opportune time for me to work on my quadruped, finally managing to get some code loaded into it and testing withe the Gait Designer…well, I didn’t exactly succeed…the only progress I made was in (I’m guessing) the stripping of the teeth on a gear in one of the servos. Oh well, things happen.

Pictures will hopefully be up soon, and a compilation video is a dependent variable based of the quality of said video footage.


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