CNRG Regionals are Coming to Ottawa!


As the title states, the first ever CNRG regionals are going to be in Ottawa, June 11, 2011!

The competition will be hosted by the Ottawa Robotics Enthusiasts, a robotics club that normally meets on a monthly basis at a local college. From the resource website, the competition will be held in the Arts Court “Library” and will feature 4 events; mini sumo, line following, line racing, and maze solving.

While the total list of events may not seem as spectacular as the main CNRG competition, it is stated that this competition is more of a warm-up event to the National Games held annually in Toronto.
This competition is also going to be geared towards the beginner roboticist, with the developing SumoORE kits available at the ORE meetings locally.

For more information of the competition and the club, visit .

Happy Building!


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