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Youpiiiiieeee… Right after posting some refinements, another was made =P Added a resistor just before the op amp. Advertisements

Distortion Pedal Refined

After looking a little more at my original plans, I realized there were some flaws with the original schematic. Really, all that was wrong was my indicative LED for the drive setting, dumb error, but I don’t want the indicator LED to rely on an amplified guitar signal for power…so in with the DPDT switch! […]

Distortion Pedal Preliminary Diagrams.

A few days ago, I showed you this. I decided, however, that keeping diagrams on a whiteboard that is often used for other things is impractical. So from whiteboard, to digital camera, to… Huzzah for EagleCAD! Well, the initial schematic is completed, though I also decided to develop a PCB design so I may eventually […]

Dell XPS 15 on Ubuntu 10.04 — Sound

A few days ago, I installed Ubuntu on my Dell XPS 15. Well, as always, there’s things that needed ironing out. Lets start this little article series (if it persists) on sound. ALSA is nice. It works…most of the time…not exactly in the case of this laptop. Sound wouldn’t output in any form. Fair enough. […]

Distortion Pedal!

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Another Long Time…

I sense a recurring pattern in this blog. I get really into a project, and then as life becomes busy, progress slows and will halt for months. So here’s an update: CNRG for 2011 has sadly been officially cancelled. It is still hopefully going to continue next year, and the local Ottawa Robotics Enthusiasts will […]