Another Long Time…

I sense a recurring pattern in this blog. I get really into a project, and then as life becomes busy, progress slows and will halt for months.

So here’s an update:
CNRG for 2011 has sadly been officially cancelled. It is still hopefully going to continue next year, and the local Ottawa Robotics Enthusiasts will be hosting more robot competitions in the future.

SpikEEE is still underway, however, as hinted above, progess is slow thanks life and school. I’m trying to redo the code base, using the brand fancy new WebbotLib 2 including the Project Designer and Gait Designer. I feel a little slow catching on, however, I’ll look more in depth later. Perhaps I’ll even make an article!

Other side projects:
-More software development in Java and C
-Designing and creation of a distorsion pedal for a guitar
-“Old School” gaming (Old School being a subjective term…varies per person) This involves collection of games, and the repair of an NES which now I’m guessing the power supply crapped out. A replacement is in the works…

Keep it classy, keep building!


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