Dell XPS 15 on Ubuntu 10.04 — Sound

A few days ago, I installed Ubuntu on my Dell XPS 15.

Well, as always, there’s things that needed ironing out.
Lets start this little article series (if it persists) on sound.

ALSA is nice. It works…most of the time…not exactly in the case of this laptop. Sound wouldn’t output in any form. Fair enough. Lets fix it then!

After some Googling to find an appropriate solution, I stumbled across this

It details very well all the steps required in order to properly setup all necessary drivers. I found difficulty accessing the areas for root file creation, and the downloading for the packages is simplified by clicking directly on the links, and then placing them all in an installation folder of your choice, however, apart from that, installing the files is a straight-forwards task.

Do enjoy!


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