Distortion Pedal Refined

After looking a little more at my original plans, I realized there were some flaws with the original schematic.

Really, all that was wrong was my indicative LED for the drive setting, dumb error, but I don’t want the indicator LED to rely on an amplified guitar signal for power…so in with the DPDT switch!

Also, you may have noticed I added a DPDT switch for the BOOST. I wanted an LED indicator for that as well. Though I didn’t really need the DPDT switch for it…a DPST switch would do just fine as well.

Here’s the resulting board:

This time, top layer tracing were required, a little out of laziness, a little out of necessity. I don’t know how much space I have to add jumpers scattered all over the board without messing with any of the current tracings. We shall see how that progresses…


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