Operation: Linux Customization

As I may have demonstrated…(ahem)…I’m a fond user of Linux. I’d use it full time, if only StarCraft and a couple other select games would function properly and efficiently under WINE.

That being said, I have found some frustration lately in searching for an ideal Linux distribution…Many of the main platforms have been progressing with their desktop environments. GNOME underwent massive changes to v3 along with gnomeshell, causing some stability issues in my usage. Unity is really not my cup of tea for a desktop environment, and I feel it’s more suited for netbooks and tablets. I was also never much of a KDE fan…

So what to do? After a nice bit of time using Linux Mint with the Cinnamon GUI, and other lightweight window managers, I decided to branch off a little more towards the basics. I started looking at Debian…realizing I didn’t quite like it’s approach, I shifted to something a little more my style: CrunchBang (#!) Linux.

Essentially, it’s a lightweight Debian variant (without varying too much it seems) that packs in a nicely configured openbox desktop environment. Super fast and simple to use.

Over the next while, however, I’ll be publishing little updates regarding my changes in order to make this system more attuned to my tastes for software programming, robotics dev, and other general applications. Already I find my setup is quite contrasting to the #! standard.

In the mean time, that is all! More to come!


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