New Robot Development – Pt.1

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve actually done hands on robotics experimenting and fun. So, as I’ve been less stressed regarding school the past few days, I decided to pull together a few culminating ideas over the year that I’d like to implement to a robot. No computer aid in the design, at least not for the moment, as I don’t feel it mandatory for the current application.

So for starts, I wanted this to be a really awesome “have fun” robot. No specific application as of yet. The plan is basically to create a simple platform, and add an arm to it so that it may be able to interact with objects. Also, I never actually completed any motorized robotic arm, so this is a pretty good start, in my opinion =P

Well, I mostly always do, I start with the base…

So I gathered up most of the parts necessary. Most are from older projects. It was like a trip down memory lane…I borrowed some microservos from my quadruped project, which is suffering from a need of repairs involving 4$ motors with at least 15$ of shipping. The Axon is one of those parts I use almost everywhere. I removed the L293 motor controller from my 2009 CNRG sumobot, along with some infrared distance sensors.

All major parts in place to plan size and placement

All parts were placed on the Sintra to trace out drill holes and platform shape.

Afterwards, just a quick cut with a pocket knife of the lines and the platform is ready to use!

That’s all I’ll squeeze into here right now! There are more photos and updates I have yet to upload.


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  1. […] up from here, next I had to bore holes into the platform. Being a little lazy and out of practice with a drill, […]

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