New Robot Development – Pt 2.

Following up from here, next I had to bore holes into the platform. Being a little lazy and out of practice with a drill, I decided to use an aul to create nice, clean (and I’ll admit, only larger) holes.

After  boring some small holes for the motor brackets, on with the motors and wheels!

I chose yellow wheels over the other colour I have (black). Why? Yellow is cool! I do realize that the back of the robot (the caster)  is a little mer elevated than the front. This is mildly intended, that way, the angling of the planned front-facing IR sensors will point slightly downwards. This will allow the robot to also detect objects that it may not be able to clear, due to obstructions such as the motors.

Afterwards it’s a matter of mounting the boards and the “shoulder” servo. 

Ahhh, I love duct tape. At least, as a temporary bond for the servo. I plan to later create an integrated bracket to use for attachment later. The motor brackets hold the drive motors a little losely to the base, however, I believe for now they shouldn’t be exerted too strongly upon so that they wiggle out of place.

You may have noticed a random red board magically floating over the Axon. That’s an L298 motor driver from Solarbotics. I didn’t really want to mount it anywhere else on the base, and remembered I had a mounting post from another project. Perfect for this. The only disadvantage is the robot arm will not retract so far back onto the robot, but, once again, it is not a current concern.

Once again, more to come!


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