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While high school is completed and life has for now found a nice steady balance, I have again started a strong focus on my projects. For one, anyone who has seen Salmigondis Tech, my other blog will realize that I have shifted to another domain and changed the title of the blog. This is to regroup any of my projects now under a single site. Salmigondis Tech as a project still exists, yet more so as a section or segment of a whole. I decided this when I was fiddling with designs for circuits that could distort the signal from an electric guitar. I wanted to be able to talk more of other projects of mine, such as those which may be music related, while still doing the usual robotics. So here we are.

So since that’s clear, I’m still working on my new robot platform made out of Sintra. Its progress is pretty stationary until I actually decide what I plan to do with the platform…and while I wait for Eclipse to install on my fresh CrunchBang Linux Walforf partition…bleh…

So in the meantime, I’ll at least splurge some ideas for the robot…

Stuff I  still need to at least get it going more:

  • Better rangefinding sensors than my GP2D15s, preferably analog, can be IR or Ultrasonic
  • Better battery, I’m going for LiPo or Li Ion
  • More servos (debatable…read on)
  • Laser (lasers are cool!)

Ideas to think about for the project:

  • A small, proper arm, or a simple 2DoF actuator with an end effector?
  • Applications?
  • >Experimental platform?
  • >SnR (Search and Rescue)?
  • >Object manipulation (using building blocks)
  • Switch from gear motors to continuous servos
  • Other material options

This is just some of the ideas tossing around, particularly when it involves the applications.

Be Back Soon!


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