Tutorial: AVR and Eclipse IDE on Linux –> Pt.1

So as I try the new Crunchbang 11 Waldorf testing (which I must admit, I find it quite AWESOME), I realized I needed to reinstall and setup once more Eclipse IDE which I use often to program in C and Java. So I figured that, for the sake of content and for updates and because I haven’t written any form of tutorial in a while, I’d explain how to install Eclipse and the required plugins on Linux. In Part 1, we’ll just start with some general installation, then I’m go more into detail of how I set up the IDE to work with my Axon controller.
So let’s begin.
First step is to install Eclipse. You can either get the install files from www.eclipse.org/downloads/ or, if you can, I’d recommend installing from your distrobution’s repositories. I’m using Crunchbang, which is a Debian based distro, so that’s how I’ll be installing Eclipse.
To start, open a terminal and enter:
sudo su
Enter your user password. This allows you to be logged on in and perform operations as root, without having to use “sudo” before each command. Next:
apt-get install eclipse
This will then install the basic Eclipse IDE with the Java plugins. Next, to install the C/C++ environment compatibility:
apt-get install eclipse-cdt eclipse-cdt-autotools

Alrighty, now that that’s all been done, we can run and create computer applications with Eclipse IDE in C or C++! We can also now focus on the installation of the AVR plugins…(coming in Part 2).


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