Tutorial: AVR and Eclipse IDE on Linux –> Pt.2

Well, now that Eclipse and the required development environments have been installed, now would be a good time to launch the IDE! either type eclipse into the command line or find it under the program launcher for your distro.

If this is your first time loading Eclipse, then you will be prompted to select a folder to store all your projects.

I chose not to use the default folder, and opted to stick my code with my other robot-related projects folder. You can leave it at default if you’d like, it makes not a difference. If you choose, you can also have multiple workspaces and switch between them whenever you’d like, however, I personally find that tedious.
Because I don’t want to be bothered every time I load Eclipse, I made sure I placed a tick in the checkbox.

You’ll be greeted by a big friendly welcome screen. However we’ll want to focus on the the “Help” menu entry. There, you’ll want to select the “Install New Software…” item. Odd position, but we won’t let it bother us =P

Next, we’ll enter the info required to install the plugin. Click “Add” and enter:

Name: AVR Eclipse Plugin
URL: http://avr-eclipse.sourceforge.net/updatesite/

Then hit “OK”

Make sure you select the AVR Plugin checkbox after you added the software source, we want to make sure the software is actually going to be installed!

Then hit “Next”…and then “Next”…then accept the terms of license agreement, then click “Finish”.
then it installs, funfun!

Now you have all the tools necessary to work with AVR devices and to compile and whatnot.

Stay tuned to Part III, where I describe in more detail how to program an Axon using WebbotLib in Eclipse.


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