About the blog!

I created this site February 19, 2010, to host the many projects (some current, mostly future) involving electronics and robotics that I am working on. It will also serve as a place were you can catch updates of my life involving robotics and other such things.

The origin of the name

“Salmigondis” is a word of french origin, which can be directly translated to “hodgepodge” in english. I decided to name my site so because I want to strive to trying out and creating as many varying projects possible. This way, I can keep the content on Salmigondis Tech interesting, aswell as gaining more experience with each project I create.

Not only will there be a variety of projects, I also plan on covering a priority of topics. These can vary from Robots, Computers, Software, and other technology in general.

As for me…

My interest in robotics truly began when I was younger. For years I wanted to build a robot. Later on, I sort of forgot about robots. I wanted to build a cubesat.

…Talk about dreaming big…

After my mind finally decided it was too difficult, I remembered robotics. That was six years ago.

Now I’m much more knowledgeable, though I still need a lot of learning in the 3 main sections of robotics (electronics, mechanics, and programming). More so programming. I’ve built a variety of simple robots, as well as attempts at ones beyond my difficulty level. Though I hope to attempt something more difficult, and follow through with it. It would be a great learning experience!

Anyways, feel VERY free to comment. Your opinion is always appreciated, as well as suggestions to improve this blog.

No spamming, don’t be rude, no profound language. Those comments will be deleted.

Your blogger,



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