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Tutorial: AVR and Eclipse IDE on Linux –> Pt.2

Well, now that Eclipse and the required development environments have been installed, now would be a good time to launch the IDE! either type eclipse into the command line or find it under the program launcher for your distro. If this is your first time loading Eclipse, then you will be prompted to select a […]

Tutorial: AVR and Eclipse IDE on Linux –> Pt.1

So as I try the new Crunchbang 11 Waldorf testing (which I must admit, I find it quite AWESOME), I realized I needed to reinstall and setup once more Eclipse IDE which I use often to program in C and Java. So I figured that, for the sake of content and for updates and because […]

Linux Twitter Clients

So… As a Linux user for the past few years, I’ve come to accept quite readily that it can be awkward trying to associate services offered on other platforms such as Windows or Mac, to Linux. Well, that was over the past few years. Recently it seems there’s been quite the surge in Linux compatible, […]

Operation: Linux Customization

As I may have demonstrated…(ahem)…I’m a fond user of Linux. I’d use it full time, if only StarCraft and a couple other select games would function properly and efficiently under WINE. That being said, I have found some frustration lately in searching for an ideal Linux distribution…Many of the main platforms have been progressing with […]

A View on DRM and Copy Protection

In the digital age of the now, we all have our fancy computers, with our fancy access to teh interwebs. This presents us with a cheap and easy opportunity to share information, files, media and the sorts. This, is fantastic. Though what is not quite so fantastic, is how some users are taking advantage of […]