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Youpiiiiieeee… Right after posting some refinements, another was made =P Added a resistor just before the op amp. Advertisements

Distortion Pedal Refined

After looking a little more at my original plans, I realized there were some flaws with the original schematic. Really, all that was wrong was my indicative LED for the drive setting, dumb error, but I don’t want the indicator LED to rely on an amplified guitar signal for power…so in with the DPDT switch! […]

Distortion Pedal Preliminary Diagrams.

A few days ago, I showed you this. I decided, however, that keeping diagrams on a whiteboard that is often used for other things is impractical. So from whiteboard, to digital camera, to… Huzzah for EagleCAD! Well, the initial schematic is completed, though I also decided to develop a PCB design so I may eventually […]

Distortion Pedal!

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