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So…ArchBang Linux…

Well, I think I have Linux ADD. Not long ago, I was doing the distro hop around with Crunchbang, pure Debian, Linux Mint, and plenty of Ubuntu and associated derivatives. I eventually settled on Crunchbang, despite its few needs of tweaks for my preferences. However, more recently, I’ve felt the urge for a little more […]

New Robot Development – Pt 2.

Following up from here, next I had to bore holes into the platform. Being a little lazy and out of practice with a drill, I decided to use an aul to create nice, clean (and I’ll admit, only larger) holes. After ¬†boring some small holes for the motor brackets, on with the motors and wheels! […]

New Robot Development – Pt.1

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve actually done hands on robotics experimenting and fun. So, as I’ve been less stressed regarding school the past few days, I decided to pull together a few culminating ideas over the year that I’d like to implement to a robot. No computer aid in the design, at […]

New Project In Design….

Well, not entirely new… I’ve designed robot arms before, however, never tested them out. Eventually, I’ll prototype this mockup and get use to the robot arm concept. Afterwards I’ll consider placing it on a robot platform and test some controls with it! Gripper still needs to be designed.


Youpiiiiieeee… Right after posting some refinements, another was made =P Added a resistor just before the op amp.

Distortion Pedal Preliminary Diagrams.

A few days ago, I showed you this. I decided, however, that keeping diagrams on a whiteboard that is often used for other things is impractical. So from whiteboard, to digital camera, to… Huzzah for EagleCAD! Well, the initial schematic is completed, though I also decided to develop a PCB design so I may eventually […]

Distortion Pedal!

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