Short ‘n Feisty

This is my first custom built sumobot for the 2009 Canadian National Robot Games.

Overall, it placed 2nd in the Advanced Mini Sumo Category.

My robot was originally planned to have 2 GP2D15 sensors, and 2 floors IR emitter/detector pairs. It was supposed to be less than 1.5 inches tall. It is driven by 2 GM20s from Solarbotic, and 2 of their Rubber Wheel 2, with the Silicone tire upgrade.

So ya, the CAD does not exactly look like the real thing, but it’s quite similar.

The Robot was made out of sintra and aluminum. Sintra is amazing! that’s all I have to say. Easy to shape, mould, hot glue, everything! It was my first time using it. I’d definitely use it again.

Aluminum also works nicely. Tin snips make easy work of cutting it. And a couple wood blocks make easy work shaping it! Easy to make holes aswell…

The board is completely custom, with one of my PIC16F684 chips as the main computer. The motor driver was the Compact Motor Driver kit from Solarbotics, once again. I just love that shop, it’s absolutely magnificent, the stuff they have!

Well, the robot was a success, but you may want to read this forum thread first


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