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Behold! My first legged robot! I’ve been planning this for a while, though I abandoned the idea of it after trying to determine costs and whatnot for the project. I realized that this is best suited for some other time… But my interest was renewed while I was at the Canadian National Robot Games in 2009, and I watched the legged robot competition. It looked simple, though there was good competition. (If you want to see the rules, check out the Events Page on http://www.robotgames.ca.)

So Over the Winter Holidays, I got a good bunch of HXT900s from Solarbotics. I got to work straight away.

The Design Stage…

Well, I spent a while BEFORE I got the servos and even some time AFTER I got the servos, trying to decide which leg design is best suited for this robot.

This was the first design. It was also the design I stuck with until the day I got the servos. There were a couple problems with this design…

1. Finicky mechanical parts… The servo-to-servo joints would have been too small for this first attempt. the sintra would easily give way.

2. Torquey enough? The HXTs, though they should have enough static force, they most likely don’t have enough dynamic force, so no jumping for joy on this robot…atleast not yet…

This is the next design I created. I removed the bottom platform, since it didn’t have much of a function. Also, it would have gotten in the way of the IR ranger at the bottom. The chunkier servos are supposed to give more torque, for those dynamic forces…but the design was 100% ugly, and I’m pretty sure it would be even harder to create the mounting brackets for those servos.

Look familliar? This is the most recent version. Fewer pieces (I used hotglue, works fine), not as many torque issues in terms of supporting its own weight. Easy assembly and the parts are easy to cut out with a pocket knife (though slightly time consuming).


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